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Terms and Conditions

LAST UPDATE ON 01/03/2024

As a normal part of our activity, we collect and, in some cases, communicate information about our users. This Privacy Policy describes the information that EQUIGAS, Inc. collects in its users and what can happen with such information. This policy is very detailed because it is important that users know the practices of EQUIGAS, Inc. as accurate as possible. By registering in EQUIGAS, Inc., users agree to use their personal information in accordance with the policies described below. The privacy of user information is very important for EQUIGAS, Inc. It is for this reason that precautions and precautions are taken to maintain information security, using the most complete information protection and information security mechanisms. available today. This document is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Inc. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions at the time of registration, the user accepts the policies contained herein.


In order to provide an excellent service and allow users to carry out their operations in an agile and secure manner, EQUIGAS, Inc., requires certain personal data. The collection of personal information allows us to offer the services and functionalities that best suit your needs and customize our services so that your experiences with us are as comfortable as possible. The personal information we collect has the following purposes: – contact us directly with the buyer once the buyer has made the purchase of an item, and adjust the details for the delivery of the product that he has purchased through our website. – Provide the bank with information about the correspondence address of the credit card used by the user to make a purchase in order to avoid electronic fraud. – Develop internal studies on the interests, behavior and demographics of our users in order to better understand their needs and provide a better service. – Improve our commercial and promotional initiatives to analyze the most visited pages of our site, improve our offer of content and articles, personalize said content, presentations and services. – Send information or messages about new services, promotions, banners, of interest to our Users and news about EQUIGAS, Inc.; in addition to the information expressly authorized in the preferences. If the User prefers,


Once enrolled in EQUIGAS, Inc. user data will be provided only in the manner established in these policies. We will do everything in our power to protect the privacy of the information. It may happen that under judicial orders or legal regulations, we are obliged to disclose information to the authorities, in which case EQUIGAS, Inc. will not be responsible for the information disclosed.


To interact within the site, users must use a pseudonym that will identify them. Users will not have access to the personal information of the other users, except when they have performed an operation with them through our platform, after which both parties will receive information from the other.


To access the services reserved only for duly registered users, users will have a personal password. With it you can buy, among other activities. This code should be kept confidential and, under no circumstances, should it be disclosed or shared with other people. The user will be responsible for all acts that are carried out by using his nickname and password.


Our services are only available to those who have the legal capacity to contract. Therefore, those who do not comply with this condition should refrain from providing personal information to be included in our databases. However, they can do it through parents or guardians.


The first thing to do to enjoy the services of Equigas, Inc, is to register, providing complete and accurate personal data. EQUIGAS, Inc. can confirm the personal data provided by public entities, for which you expressly authorize us. The information that EQUIGAS, Inc. obtains from these entities will be treated confidentially. It is established that at any time, the User registered in EQUIGAS, Inc., may request the withdrawal of his application and the removal of his account and information from the EQUIGAS, Inc. database.


EQUIGAS, Inc. cooperates with the competent authorities to ensure compliance with laws, for example, in the prevention of fraud and / or possible cybercrime. EQUIGAS, Inc. may disclose the personal information you have provided to us (username, first and last name, address, city, region, telephone number, zip code and email address) or government authorities in order to conduct investigations of a criminal or fraud nature or those related to piracy or copyright infringement, which are conducted by them. In such situations, EQUIGAS, Inc. will collaborate with the competent authorities to safeguard the integrity and security of the Community and its Users. 


EQUIGAS, Inc. is required to comply with all regulations established with respect to security measures applicable to personal information. In addition, EQUIGAS, Inc. uses industry standards to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information, which includes, in other measures, firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (“SSL”). EQUIGAS, Inc. considers the data of its users as an asset that must be protected against any loss or unauthorized access. We use various security techniques to protect such data against unauthorized access by users inside or outside our company. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that perfect security does not exist on the Internet. Therefore, EQUIGAS, Inc. is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons. EQUIGAS, Inc., is not responsible for the misuse of the information obtained by these means. All the personal data of the Users will be stored in an automated file of personal data. The file of Personal Data of the Users of EQUIGAS, Inc. resides in the USA. The user, upon registering in EQUIGAS.net, confirms that he/she is informed of the residence of this file and authorizes this transfer of his/her data. The file of Personal Data of the Users of EQUIGAS, Inc. resides in the USA.  


EQUIGAS, Inc. may at any time modify the terms and conditions of these Privacy and Confidentiality Policies. For more information about the confidentiality of your personal data, contact us by mail or email. By ordinary mail to: 518 Corliss St. Greensboro, NC USA - Email: contact@equigas.net